“Ultimeat International Named Top 10 Contender in Inaugural FTIC Food
Tech Start-up Challenge, Developing Game-Changing Alternative Protein Source.
Ultimeat International Pte Ltd, a plant-based meat company operating in Malaysia
recently announced its involvement in an innovative project aimed at addressing food
scarcity issues in Asia.

Thanks to a strong foundation rooted in a traditional vegetarian family business,
Ultimeat International’s founder, Mr. Edwin Lee, recognized the urgent need to address
looming food security issues, including supply chain disruptions and animal welfare
concerns. In 2022, Lee assembled the team that would help make his vision a reality.
Working alongside esteemed scientists, specialists, and like-minded individuals,
Ultimeat International has been dedicating efforts to finding sustainable solutions to the
food security challenges facing the region.
Under the guidance of an acclaimed food scientist, Ultimeat’s team of microbiologists
and specialists has been tirelessly researching and developing Mycoprotein as a
nutritious and delicious alternative protein source for its latest product line.
Ultimeat International has been selected as one of only 10 shortlisted contenders from a
global pool of startups to participate in the inaugural FTIC Food Tech Start-up Challenge
organized by NURASA in collaboration with partners SIFBI, Trendlines, and Enterprise
“As part of the make phase, we will receive invaluable mentoring from seasoned food
tech industry experts, hone our business skills through exclusive workshops, and gain
exposure to an extensive network of ecosystem contacts”, commented Ultimeat
International founder, Mr. Edwin Lee.
Lee continued, “We will also be working closely with Biopolis, Singapore’s innovation
hub and the FTIC – the flagship research and development food-grade facility for future
sustainable foods – as we continue to advance our Mycoprotein product line.”
NURASA, formerly known as Asia Sustainable Foods Platform, is a wholly-owned
company of Temasek that aims to accelerate the commercialization of sustainable foods
in the region by providing tasty, fresh, traceable, and sustainable food options that
delight consumers across Asia.
As Ultimeat International continues to push the boundaries of innovation in the
plant-based meat industry, Lee is focused on the company’s commitment to delivering
delicious, nutritious, and sustainable meat alternatives that meet the growing demand
for ethical and environmentally responsible food options.
“I am confident that our Mycoprotein product line will make a significant contribution to
building a better and more sustainable future for all”, Lee asserted.

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